Wedding Royal Château Saint Georges France is a luxurious event, which invites future married couples, whether from France or abroad, to experience an exceptional occasion in an opulent setting on the 9th, 10th and 11th November 2018.

Dubbed the “Little Versailles of the Côte d’Azur”, the Château Saint-Georges is situated in the hills of Grasse, where the views are breathtaking. Historical monument, and built in the pure Second Empire Style, it was commissioned in the 19th century by the celebrated Grasse perfumier, Léon Chiris, who named the Château after his sons.

It is in these exceptional surroundings that Bénédicte Longechal of the BLAM EVENT agency, an organiser of timeless events, will be staging a voyage of discovery for future married couples, who will enjoy a unique opportunity to meet some of the most talented wedding service providers from France and abroad, who are ready to present their expertise in the course of one exquisite evening and two remarkable days, in a venue which will start to work its magic.

In order to prepare for this event, Bénédicte asked me to be the photographer for her styled shoot at the Château Saint Georges.   Working alongside an amazing team of luxurious wedding suppliers, we spent two days re-creating and re-living these five fascinating historical eras and these are my photos that I am proud to present.

Wedding Royal Château St Georges Grasse France is the event of the year!  If you would like to attend, please get in touch!


A Hollywood icon who forever changed the profile of Monaco, Grasse’s near neighbour, is well worthy of representation at this event, which is cinematic and inspired by royal weddings in equal measure.

Wedding Royal Château Saint Georges France - bride

Wedding Royal Château Saint Georges France - wedding fair

Wedding Royal Château Saint Georges France



The fame of Chiris fragrances reached its height at the end of the 19th century – in 1891, Queen Victoria visited Léon Chiris at the Château Saint-Georges in Grasse.

Wedding Royal Château Saint Georges France


The founder of one of the world’s greatest fashion houses entirely merits her place at this event, which combines elegance, boldness and personality.



Naturally, gentlemen are equally welcome at Wedding Royal at Château Saint Georges, and we have a space which is entirely dedicated to men.  The Dandy is a man whose refinement is a symbol of non-conformity and the pursuit of a philosophical and aesthetic code which observes both the rules of fashion and his own particular style.


The life of Elizabeth of Austria, or “Sisi”, fostered and continues to sustain the image of a dream princess. A key figure, universally known through the films of Ernst Marischka, in which actress Romy Schneider was cast in the rôle of Elizabeth of Austria, the Empress made her mark on the century, thanks to her beauty, her outfits and her famous hairstyle, which was admired throughout Europe.


This final element of Wedding Royal at Château Saint Georges involves an entire world, rather than a single icon. Nature is distilled in order to highlight the refinement of floral and horticultural art at its zenith.


This shooting was in collaboration of amazing wedding suppliers :

Wedding Royal Event Organiser :  Blam Event  / Shoot Stylist :  Blam Event  / Shoot Stylist Assistant :  Amel Table Recevoir Avignon  / Photographer :  Olivia Marocco Photography /  Venue :  Château St Georges, Grasse, France  / Dresses : Denis Durant Couturier  /  Rings :  Bijouterie Volterra  /  Floral Stylist : Bloom Fleuriste /  Ephemeral Jewellery :  Joailliere d’Ephemere  /  Make Up Artist :  Romy Tendances  /  Hair stylist ( Grace Kelly, Queen Victoria & Dandy) :  Leslie Azur  /  Hair Stylist ( Coco Channel, Nature Chic & Sissi) :  Sarah James Hairstyle  /   Tableware :  Le Comptoir de Julia  /  Wedding Cakes :  Design Sucré  /  Dandy Costume :  25.52 Be Unique /  Models :  Tiphaine SkenderSebastien Ducasse, Julie Roblet

Wedding Royal at the Château Saint Georges, Grasse, France – 9th, 10th & 11th November 2018 – more info to follow soon.